Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome To My Two Wheel Touring!

Gateway Canyon in Colorado

Thanks for visiting My Two Wheel Touring  (www.MyTwoWheelTouring.com)

Road Dog - Your Guide!
I have done many things in my almost 60 years, but one of the most fun, rewarding, freeing and joyful things is my hobby / passion of touring America on two wheels. 

First let me say I don’t care WHAT you ride - as long as you ride.  Since I was a kid, I've owned many bikes and love them all.  I also find that motorcyclists are a special bunch.  We have a brotherhood that is unlike any other.  Whenever I fill my car up with gas I never speak to another person at the gas station.  But when I pump 5 gallons into my motorcycle.... I can’t remember a time when someone did not come up to me to talk motorcycles.  On the flip side, for some reason I feel more free to initiate a conversation with someone I don’t know (something I typically don’t do) when I’m on the bike.  It is a “social lubricant” with bikers and cagers (the folks in cars) alike. 

You bikers know what I'm talking about.  Typically an older gentleman will walk up with that “look” in his eye.  You can tell he used to ride, or has an old bike at home.  He’ll want to strike up a conversation about his bike, my bike, or riding in general.  That has led to some great conversations and great friendships. 

As a long time pilot I love to talk airplanes with really anyone, but especially other pilots.  I once read that a significant percentage of pilots (something like over 60%) also ride.  I guess both motorcycling and flying have a lot in common.

Travel, risk, independence, freedom, mechanical and technical all in one.  And while pilots really love to “hanger fly”, and talk airplanes, it is still not as universal or intense as two wheelers and the bond we have with our two wheel buddies.  (and as we all age, I'll say three wheels as well - all trikes included).

So if you love motorcycling, and touring this great country I think you’ll like My Two Wheel Touring.
Our two Great Danes and my wife's Harley
Now because for many years of my life I’ve been in some form of video production, my primary intent with this blog is to be a “video blog”.  I posted some of my very early attempts at this on a motorcycle forum then on YouTube Channel (MyTwoWheelTouring) and viewers seemed to like them.  So I decided to give them a real home on the net here at blogger.com.  They will still be posted at YT, but Two Wheel Touring (the blog) will be their permanent home.

Shooting Glacier NP from a Jet Ranger
I live in Colorado and I mostly ride West.  My goal is to "two wheel" in all the National Parks in the West before God calls me home.  If I’m lucky, maybe all National Parks in America!  Consequently, my first many videos will be of both the cool roads and the great National Parks in the western United States. 
Grand View Point - Canyonlands National Park
I ride with my wife (who handles her own 1,000 pound touring bike like a pro) and we are very fortunate to be within a one or two day ride of most of the west and some of the greatest twisties in the world.

What better riding partner? 
Near Silverton, Colorado
My goal for you is to take you to these roads through a video camera lens. The real goal will be for you to get motivated to make these same trips and see the same roads, restaurants and sights I show you - then discover others.  When you do, come back here and tell me and our followers about your experiences.

I love the beauty and the history of the American west.  I even enjoy a small bit of geology.  There is nowhere better for all those things than the Rocky Mountains and anything west of Colorado..  Moab for example; one of the coolest places on earth.
Newspaper Rock, Needles District, Canyonlands NP
So while in the summer I’m mostly acquiring the video while the weather is good, in the winter I’ll be editing these trips, places and beautiful sights into 3-6 minute videos just for you - no charge. 

My style may change, but I’ve found that if I tell you a little about the place, some history, geology and facts its more interesting.  But instead of just a travel log like that, I like the idea of a short “music video” version of the road.  So that’s what I do at this opening date in the fall of 2011.  Feel free to let me know what you like and what you don’t and I’ll do my best to make a fun and entertaining video you will enjoy. 

Of course the ultimate goal is for you to get on your two or three wheels and hit these roads.  I have friends all the way on the east coast that come out here to “Ride the Rockies” and they love it. I've shown them great roads and planned some custom trips for them according to their schedule.  I’d be happy to show you some great one to ten day trips out here also.  But the best way is to watch the videos then get our your maps and see all this beauty right here in this country all for yourself. 

So for now, welcome my friends and I hope you enjoy our passion set to video and music.  Shiny side up!! 

"Road Dog"


  1. I really like the blog that you have started.

  2. Thanks Big Dawg; I have some videos ready and will post soon, and I want to get some writing done to go with them. I also have a LOT of unedited video that I hope to put together this winter. Glad you are here!

  3. Happy to hear abt your love for riding thru this Beautiful country!! My husband and I ride west on our Harley's every year- We are from Illinois and and we feel the same about riding as much as we can. This year we are riding Nortern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Our 14 yr old son has been riding with his dad on these trips as well and this is his 3rd yr. he just LOVES it too!! God bless you and your wife in your travels!!